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We work with clients in the energy sector, including oil and gas and renewables and in the mining, industrial and commercial sectors.


An integrated fire safety solution improves plant safety and business performance. We have a solution and system to protect against risks.


Metaltek LTD is a leading provider of fire safety protection, detection and loss prevention solutions.


We remain the true game-changing firewater deluge remediation and testing professionals in the energy sector. Our solution techniques are unique to the energy Industry that allows our team to provide customised solutions. Whether you are looking for solutions for your deluge systems, find yourself with blocked distribution nozzles or partial blockages in your pipelines, then get in touch with our experts.

Established in 2006, we are a leading provider of fire safety protection, detection and loss prevention solutions for harsh and challenging environments, providing solutions to the oil and gas, renewable energies, mining, commercial and industrial sectors.

This involves everything from the front-end definition of concepts for new build facilities, detailed design, pipe work fabrication, skid build and final installation at location. We are also one of the sectors leaders in the commissioning on newly supplied systems or as a third party verification party to represent the end user. Our maintenance strategy of active fire extinguishing systems is second to none both in the UK and internationally.

Our integrated fire safety solutions improve plant and facility safety whilst support business performance. For clients with established infrastructure, we provide service and maintenance, retrofit design services and installation. We also invest heavily in the research and development of innovative safety equipment to ensure we provide suitable solutions to our clients.

Our engineers have a wealth of experience within the industry and share a common goal to exceed clients’ expectations and surpass industry standards. We review client’s requirements and offer solutions based on effective and efficient design, using internationally approved equipment, combined with world-class installation and service.








Deluge Management Systems

We are the leading specialist providers of deluge fire water suppression systems. Our engineers have established an enviable reputation within the energy sector(s) for the provision of deluge system packages, reviewing our clients assets and facilities enabling our team to align the correct deluge protection based on effective and efficient designs using internationally approved materials and equipment, which we then combine with a world-class installation and service.

Cost-effective turnkey deluge system capabilities

Our scope includes the provision of deluge valve assemblies, deluge skid packages, deluge distribution piping systems, deluge nozzles and system maintenance.

We work with our clients to ensure the optimum system is provided for their facilities needs:

Deluge Piping System

We offer a range of cost-effective solutions to corroded and blocked deluge distribution systems. Differing material grades can be installed effectivley, which can offer good corrosion qualities which in return requires minimum service and maintenance.

The build-up of corrosion inside metal pipe-work systems in harsh and challenging environments can pose a serious threat to system functionality, exposing personnel and facilities to unacceptable risks. System Blockages can result in expensive plant shutdowns until the problem is identified and cleared. However at Metaltek we have a very unique solution to this problem. Contact us to discuss your options.

Deluge System Service and Maintenance

We have an expert team of technicians providing service and maintenance of deluge fire water systems. Our field  technicians are supported by our team of engineers and designers, ensuring that the complete system is maintained at its peak condition.

All our field technicians are trained in system functionality as they have been working on new build systems and the skid builds of many major energy discoveries.

The team are also trained to IRATA standards to allow them to work at height safely whilst maintaining and troubleshooting system diaginostics.

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